Podcast Of The Week:True Crime Garage

Podcasts have taken over many lives as they have grown in popularity and the topics have become much more diverse. There are podcasts about technology, sports, and entertainment to name a few. My favorite genre has become the crime genre as they have everything from telling the story of a crime to explaining everything in a case down to the evidence. One podcast that is not traditional in the sense that the hosts don’t really have a background in crime is True Crime Garage.

True Crime Garage is hosted by Nic and The Captain who invite you into “the garage” to drink a beer and talk about a new crime every week. Each week they drink a new beer and give it a rating then go into the crime that they will be discussing. What I love about this podcast is that both of these guys are fairly educated but they take a look at the crimes through a regular persons eyes. The Captain will throw some interesting conspiracy like comments in while also asking the questions you will often find yourself asking while listening. They do have records and all the evidence that are involved in the case so they are well read and informed on the case.

Another interesting aspect is that they cover cases that are high profile as well as ones that aren’t as well known. Many of the cases I have heard so far and the ones that I have heard of they go into detail of things that I didn’t know. One thing that sets them apart is that they cover cases that have not been solved as well. This adds to the enjoyment of the podcast as they have multiple different scenarios that the case could have happened and make you think right along with them. I found this podcast out of the blue and this is my new favorite podcast for the moment. Find it ASAP and I hope you enjoy it as much I have.

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