NFL Preseason

Football is back and in full swing as we just finished week 3 of the preseason. As you could maybe tell from the main picture, I was at week 1 for the 49ers vs Texans (Go Texans) and I was ready for real games then. While I prepared and drafted a team Saturday and then watched highlights and some live football Sunday I noticed something that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Most of the players that start the game are going to be on the team and then the people playing closer to the end are often trying to make the roster. I was watching, Jaguars vs Bengals and Hayes Pullard III, who will probably be a backup player, intercepted Joe Licata for a touchdown. There was the usual celebration but what I really enjoyed was the smile on Pullard’s face as well as Coach Gus Bradley giving his player praise.

Why was this moment so awesome to me? There is a ton of drama going on with Kaepernick,Romo being hurt, and players being suspended for this or that, but these guys were really having fun. It was the kind of fun you see kids having playing football in the street and I think that is what football needs. You could tell that Pullard was really happy with himself as well as being excited with the coaches giving him praise.

Since I mentioned Romo being hurt I figure we can address that as well. This guy cannot stay healthy at all and I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end. When I saw him get tackled I knew it was bad. You are not supposed to collapse like that and I’m still in awe that he didn’t slide sooner. It’s a preseason game and he shouldn’t be trying to play like he needs to earn a spot on the team. Early observations say that while Rookie Dak Prescott looks great and could do well with the team, he is still a rookie and this could be another bad year for the Cowboys.

The last thing that has been on my mind lately has been the 1 game suspension of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown. He was arrested for domestic violence and apparently cops had been called multiple times, well like 20 times. The NFL claims that his now ex-wife was not cooperative at all which made this difficult, but I am pretty sure that ever since the debacle that was suspending Ray Rice for 2 games there has been a  rule where any domestic violence case results in a 6 game suspension. I want to dig deeper but I truly think that all I will get into is he said she said and I am just too excited for football. Good luck to all your teams and GO TEXANS!

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