Netflix Original: Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become the new big thing that has everyone talking. People say they love the story, the nostalgia, and the actors throughout the movie. Now I won’t put any true spoilers out there but after this paragraph there will be some items that tell the story of the show which some may consider too much. If you want to stay fresh and watch the show through pure eyes then stop here. Those of you that continue along I really hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.

The show opens up on the nerdiest thing that a kid could do in the 80’s and that was playing Dungeons and Dragons(D & D). I never played but these kids are very convincing. The game itself seems unimportant but it is truly one of the many ways that the writers and director try and show how nerdy and unpopular these kids are.This is the only true part I wanted to talk about because the show basically introduces you to the main kids in their natural habitat and in a way you see what they are all about in that first scene. I love every single actor(men and women) in this movie. They fit the part perfectly while not being super campy and overboard. The next great thing about this movie is that the setting fits the era and there is nothing that truly draws your attention. If anything it reminds me of all the old movies I watched as a kid in the early 90’s.

The show itself kept me intrigued throughout and set itself up in a way that felt so fluid that you can tell they created this show in a way that if you were to binge watch all 8 episodes at once it would flow right through. This is the first time I have seen the use of such fluid shooting in any Netflix show that I have seen and would love to see that in more shows. While 8 episodes does not seem like a lot, the shows themselves are filled to the edge with content and have you drawn in the whole time. The conclusion of the show is great and while I will avoid any descriptions that will lead people to what happened, I will say that the ending was very fitting and I appreciated the efforts the writers made to make sure the ending was done in a way that it could be the end of the show or lead to a 2nd season. For those that don’t know the show was picked up for a 2nd season this past week.

If you haven’t watched this show yet you need to watch it ASAP. 2 episodes a night are great to get into the show while also not overwhelming yourself. It is a show that has changed the game on what streaming services can offer as well as what a horror/sci-fi show can offer. I am so glad I finished Stranger Things just in time to get ready for Season 2 of Narcos, another Netflix Original. Right now Netflix is killing it and I can only hope they continue to bring more awesome programming.

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