Gambit Movie Loses Director

It what seems to be never ending setbacks with a movie that I was highly anticipating, the Gambit movie lost another director as Doug Liman leaves to direct Justice League Dark. This movie has had to deal with losing its first director,rumors of the star Channing Tatum possibly dropping out, and having numerous issues with the script. When I saw the newest news about losing the director I wasn’t even sure that there would still be a movie as Fox often cuts ties to things like this pretty quickly, but Fox claims that they are moving forward  with the movie still.

Growing up Gambit was my favorite member of the X-Men. Why was he my favorite do you ask? He was surprisingly one of the most heroic and often not very X-Men like. He was a ladies man and was often getting into fights with fellow X-Men member as they did not truly trust him as he was apart of a thieves guild before joining the X-Men. He had that Cajun accent that basically gave him that bad boy look and he always talked like a gentleman even when he would be talking to women that he was fighting. While playing cards are and a large staff are his weapon of choice he has the ability to charge items turning them into weapons.

While the directors leaving are a huge problem there is the script which I keep thinking about that they are trying to fix. One big problem that I think they are having is that in the comics and even the cartoons Gambit is not the nicest to the people around him who are trying to recruit him and with him being a thief it is difficult to make him a mainstream super hero. The end of the Wolverine franchise coming soon and fox is desperate to find someone who can fill the gaps between X-Men films. Channing Tatum was the answer and he fits the look and build. In my opinion the best thing for the  movie would be a flashback origin story with the X-Men recruiting Gambit but him not being a member yet and showing him younger and how he got to where he is now. Only time will tell and it may be a while until we see the outcome of this movie.

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