Spread The Love Tour

On August 6th, 2016 I had the pleasure of going to a country concert at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara,Ca and I had been looking forward to for about three months. The tour which is called the “Spread the Love Tour” has a lineup that consisted of the band Old Dominion, Sam Hunt, Miranda Lambert, and obviously Kenny Chesney. I love all kinds of music and I was excited as I haven’t been to a country concert of this size in numerous years. I have seen up and coming acts plus some people who were great but weren’t very active at the local county fair, but this is a different level. First thing to point out is that I actually bought the tickets because I think Sam Hunt is a great singer and on his Montevallo I loved every song.

We arrived slightly early as you can see in the featured photo as we bought the tickets on Groupon and we weren’t too sure about where the seats were. The seats were perfect and just above one of the tunnels with glass in front of us so there was no need to stand at all during the concert. This made my wife very happy as she wasn’t feeling to great and usually we are stuck behind someone very tall and we can’t see anything at all. The atmosphere was great at the stadium and besides it being a little chilly everything seemed perfect. The seats even felt more comfortable than most that I have sat in as they were some sort of rubber plastic hybrid.

First act was Old Dominion and while they are not as known as some groups, they do have two hits in “Snapback” and “Break Up With Him”. Later in the concert we also found out, as Kenny Chesney brought them back out, that they wrote the song “Save It For A Rainy Day”. The whole time they were on stage they were very attentive to the crowd was there and even said that this was more fans that they had played to at this same venue the previous year opening for Kenny Chesney, and they seemed to have a great time. Even though the crowds were light there was still enough people there to cheer and clap along with them. They held the crowds attention the whole time and then ran off the stage.

Next we had Sam Hunt and the women in the crowd came running in as soon as they started to hear beats from his music playing. The crowd had about doubled at this point and as soon as Sam Hunt came out you could feel the energy in the crowd go up a notch. His showmanship alone has me thinking that he will be on his own tour soon enough. He played to his best fans that being women by singing to them in the crowd and at two points in his set we went into the crowd and was singing with and to girls on both sides of the arena. He also has imagery behind him showing different things from his videos and other images that go along with the songs. His band also has a lot of enthusiasm and put on a great show.

Miranda Lambert was third in the lineup and while she has more songs that are popular than the first two at the moment, I didn’t get the same feeling from her as I did with Sam Hunt. Don’t get me wrong, she put on a great show, but she has much less stage presence than the previous acts and seemed awkward at times. Women love her so that offset since she has so many songs that women love and she also did a cover of “Mississippi Queen” that was pretty awesome. In the end she performed pretty non-stop so that is pretty impressive and I would see her again as long as she was billed with someone else that I liked as well.

The headliner for this show was Kenny Chesney and while I like him I wasn’t too sure how many songs I could listen to  about being at the beach and Mexico, or how I felt about a guy in his 40’s running around and singing. Well I misjudged everything and he put on such a great show that I know why people see him multiple times. He took zero breaks during the whole show and he was bouncing around the stage the whole time. Even when you could tell that his earpiece was not working well in one ear and he tried fixing it, he was still laughing and having fun. Just when you thought the good time was over, Sammy Hagar shows up and sings “I Can’t Drive 55”. Sammy rocked just as hard as Kenny and they laughed the whole time making it feel more like a party. In the end Kenny Chesney put on a fantastic show and many people could learn from what his is doing.

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