Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go has taken off in the past month with people playing it non-stop to try and “Catch ’em all!”. The game has been very successful and the people who are playing it have been having fun exploring all the different areas to try and find the one they need or find one that will help them evolve a Pokemon they already have. As a child I played the Nintendo games on Gameboy then on Gameboy Color and have always had the dream of always being a real Pokemon trainer. The day the game came out I downloaded it and it was immediately clear that this game was going to be a hit and that there was so much going on in “Pokemon Go!” that it is everything a real Pokemon fan could want.

Now there have been some glitches and complaints by users of the game that they either lost all their Pokemon and coins in an update or that they are have connection issues. While it does suck when there have been issues with a game but the creators of the game, Niantic, have pretty quickly addressed the issues and being that the game is so new there is a time frame where these glitches should be expected.

Another thing that has happened is that the game has brought in the younger generations who may have never really watched Pokemon. Some of the people who I have met through playing the game have started to watch the cartoons as well as play some of the older games as a way to learn more about the characters. The game has also gotten many people out of their homes and given hope to parents who have kids that may seem a little awkward when it comes to meeting new people. The future of the game looks very promising and as they release more and more information about what new features will be added including being able to trade Pokemon with other players and changing the way that the gyms operate in the game. To all those that play, Happy Hunting, and to those that don’t you should at least give it a try!

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