Review: Bad Moms

When it comes to chick flicks most of the film is made for the women with some small pieces for those guys that are taking their significant others on a date. They will have the typical romantic feel with the troubles and good times through the middle of the film and then end with a happy ending.

Some newer films though have started to tweak that formula. Some films like Bridesmaids and the new Ghostbusters film are trying to make the women in the movie shine without having to make them be so romantic. Bad Moms takes this to the next level.

I was not sure what to expect going into the movie as a guy, but the previews looked decent and my wife really wanted to see it. What I got out of this movie was not only laughs but a new respect for foul mouth comedy. The language was curse word after curse word while still having substance to the story and they did not do the typical thing of making one man in the movie the super jerk that does everything wrong. They address normal every day issues for people with kids while having fun and shocking you along the way.

The one person I was very excited to see in the movie was Kathryn Hahn just for the fact that she is in many comedic movies that I love(Step-Brothers) and while she is in a supporting role she steals the show as she often does.  The rest of the cast; Mila Kunis,Kristen Bell,Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Annie Mumolo all have their own unique roles in the film making it not a redundant movie where the jokes are played over and over and you have clones of actors playing each other or acting in a certain way.

There are some girl power moments and if you are a guy who doesn’t like that you won’t like it. Also to those guys grow up, it’s just a movie and give the women some credit. To everyone else you must go watch this movie as it funny, dirty(in a good and funny way), and is a great movie.

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